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Inma is a Spanish-born artist who has embraced London life since moving to the UK in 2007.


She paints human nature: naked, unprotected and pure.


Growing up, she struggled against her family’s expectations and the raw and intense emotions of her passionate nature. She was drawn to the limitless possibilities of expression through art and, in her early teens, she started studying masters as diverse as Velazquez and Hokusai. Hokusai, in particular, laid the foundations of a passion for Japanese culture which was to resurface in her art some years later.


In her early thirties, motivated by a strong belief that she was not fulfilling her potential, she enrolled at the Facultad de Bellas Artes, a very traditional art school in Seville. It was there that she learned how to draw and paint, and how to appreciate colour and light and their pivotal role in painting. Upon moving to London, she continued her training at LARA (London Atelier of Representational Art), the Art Academy and the New School of Art.


Inma’s body of work spins around the inner world of human emotions. Her paintings represent feelings of joy, intimacy, conflict, peace; life altogether. She can be inspired by an experience or a dream, a desire, a moment of curiosity or simply the need to preserve a beautiful image that has caught her attention.

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